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[Album] Min Valerian Ehinor Efoedi – Ose-Ni-Me-Ga (The God I Serve)



Contemporary Nigerian gospel singer/songwriter Min. Valerian Ehinor Efoedi kick-start the new year on a high note with a powerful Album titled; Ose-Ni-Me-Ga” (The God I Serve) Kindly click via links below to stream, download & share with friends.

Below are the Tracks

Ps:  The songs Lyrics are  subtitled in English

TRACK 1. Ose Ni Me Ga


Ose Ni Me Ga – Lyrics

Ose ni me ga
( The God I serve)
Okpono gbe
(He is great)
Ose ni me ga
( The God I serve)
Ahi mien ebare khokho le
( He can never be compared with anything/ anyone)
Ose ni me ga
( The God I serve)
Okaka gbe oh
(He is so strong)
Ose ni me ga
(The God I serve)
ole enin non fanogba
(He is the mighty elephant that break the fence)
Ebo ni ekpokpo re jiaye
( No matter the challenges)
Ebo ni edonmhen re jiaye oh
(No matter the trials)
Digwe so ti ole
( Just go on your knees and call on him)
Odi khueni uwe
( He will answer you)

( Because)
Ole enin non fani ogba
( He is the mighty elephant that break the fence)
Uwe a so ti ole
(When you call on Him)
Odi khueni en jieje oh .
( He will answer you quickly)
Jesu ole enin non fani ogba
( Jesus is the mighty elephant that break the fence).

Verses 1 Jesu ole Ojienoniojie
(Jesus is King above all Kings)
Jesu ole oba non ni oba
( Jesus is Lord of all Lord’s)
Jesu amien ebare khokho le
( He can never be compared with anything)
. Jesu ole udo non hi lueghe
( Jesus is the rock that cannot be moved)

Verses 2. Jesu ofi iyenmhen de no
( Jesus turn my life around)
Jesu odi fi iyenen de no
( Jesus will turn your life around)
Jesu ofueke ni ede no
( Jesus is so kind)
Jesu oru uwede eji uwede iye
( Jesus makes a way where there is no way)

Verse 3: Gene Gene ( Truly, Truly)
We enin no fan ni ogba
( You are the elephant that breaks the fence)
Eghe I Hannah ( Hannah’ s time)
We lu ole ni Hannah
( You did it for Hannah)
Eghe Jabez ( Jabez time)
. ..we lu ole ni Jabez
( You did it for Jabez)
Gene gene uwe non
( Truly, Truly you are)
Eghe Daniel ( in Daniel’s time)
We lu ole ni Daniel
( You did it for Daniel)
Jesu we enin non fan ni ogba
(Jesus you are the mighty elephant that breaks the fence)

TRACK 2. Aba Obilu


Aba Obilu – Lyrics

Aba obilu bhi egbe mhan ( father thank you for our lives)
Nu we re re mhan we
( For making us to sleep)
We re mhan rio bho owe
(For waking us up)
Uwe ze ede non wele
( You are the dawning of a new day)
Uwe ze ebi non lolo
(You are the reason for the nightfall)
I Jesu no ojie
(Jesus, the king)
Obilu bhe egbe mhan
( Thank you for our lives)

Verse1 ibhia aba
( My brethren)
Bha ne mhen khuenmhi ose
( Help me to thank God)
No re re mhan we
( For making us to sleep)
Ore mhan rio bho owe
(And to wake up)
Eso ri bho ne well
(Some slept)
Ebha ye rio bho owe
(And didn’t wake up)
Obilu Jesu, ahu no se non
( Thank you Jesus, is all by your power).

Man eso, man ha rio bhi owe
( When some of us wake up,)
Man hi yere, re hi Jesu
(We don’t remember to appreciate God)
Man ri okpan , man khien eki
( We’ ll go to the market)
Man ri opia, man khin ugbo
( We ‘ll go to farm/business)
Ijesu no ojie
(Jesus the king)
Ole zi ede non wele
(He’s the dawning of a new day)

TRACK 3. Agunechemba


Agunechemba – Lyrics

1: you are the mighty God
The Lord of all lords
You reign in majesty
At the sound
The sound of your voice
The whole world tremble in fear

Agunechemba aah
( He that watches over the city)
Isi ikendu
( The tree of life)
Olori hien lo ri enin oh
( He that swallow what swallows an elephant)

Oyeoma,oyeoma eeh
( Good God)

2: you are the mighty river that never runs dry
Oshimiri, oshimiri atata
( The river that never runs dry)
When I call on you
You always answer
You are my father
That’s why I can say hay

3: Demons tremble at the mention of your name ( Jesus)
You are great in power and in strength
Sickness flee
Lord at your presence
The blind see, the lame walk
All in your name.

S: you are the great great and mighty God
Rep: ( Chorus)
S: in you I live and more and have my being
Res: (Chorus)

TRACK 4. Mu udu yianlen


Mu udu Yianlen Lyrics

MU UDU yialen
( Trust in him)
Ye bha mu udu yian Jesu
( Put your trust on Jesus)
Ni uwe ye bibi
( You will not be frustrated)

1: Jesu tale bhi ebe non khiale
( Jesus said in his word)
Ono ria khin , non da mhon ekpokpo
(Whosoever is in trouble)
We so tie elin olen
( Call on his name)
Eju we re ha ye
(Wherever you are)
Odi mienhen fan
(He will deliver you)

2: Ibhia aba,Ibhiolo mhen
( My brothers, my sisters)
Ye bha mu udu yianlen
( Put your trust in him)
Ojie non ni ojie, oba non ni oba
( King of Kings, Lord of lords)
Okhen non ni okhen
( Doctor of all doctors)
Amie eboi sa bo lu
( There’s nothing He cannot do)
Oba non okpono non
(He is a great king)

Ye bha mu udu yianlen
( Put your trust in him)
Ni bha ye bibi
(You’ll not be frustrated)
Ibhiaba mu udu yianlen
(My brethren, put your trust in him)
Eni ikpia mu udu yianlen
( Men put your trust in him)
Eni ikho mu udu yianlen
( Women put your trust in him)
Eni isen mu udu yianlen
( Youth, put your trust in God)
Ibhokhian mu udu yianlen
(Children put your trust in Jesus)
Bha re bhe mu udu yianlen
(Everybody put your trust in God)
Ni bha ye bibi
( You will not be frustrated)

TRACK 5. Ese Re Bhe


Ese Re Bhe – Lyrics

ESE re bhe
( All the good things)
Jesu lu ni mhen
(Jesus has done for me)
I ya tale, tale ede ki we
(I will tell it till morning)
I ya tale, tale ebi ki Love
( I will tell it till evening

1: Jesu no ojie, uwe kpono gbe
( Jesus the king, you are so great)
Ahi mien ebu we sa bo lu
( There is nothing you cannot do)
Uru ugwe gwe mhen
(You protected me)
Uwe bha jia agbon non mhon ota
(You did not allow people to ask me questions)
Obilo bhe esele nu lu mhen
( Thank you for all you have done for me)

2: Aba no ojie, obilu bhi uwa mben
(My father the king, thank you for my family)
Bhi ofure ni uwe re ni mhan
( For the peace you gave us)
Uwe bha jia man de
( You did not let us fall)
Uwe bha ji oya lo mhan
( You didn’t allow us to suffer)
Obilu bhi esele nu lu lu
(Thank you for all you have done)

3: Aba no ojie, khe mhen bhi igwe
( My father the king, I’m on my knees)
Men di ri ekhuemhen ji uwe
( I will give you thanks)
Uwe ri egbe dan mhen
( You healed me)
Uwe da mien mhin emianmhen mu fia
( You took away my sickness)
Obilu bhi esele nu lu mhen
( Thank you for all you have done)

TRACK 6. Fathers


Fathers – Lyrics 

Fathers you are special
You are special
So special
Without you
The home is incomplete
The home is incomplete
You are special

Mama loves you
You are special, so special
Children loves you
You are special,… so special

Rap: Papa you are special
And nobody like you
All the things wey you dey do for me
I wanna thank you
You’re a perfect representative of a priest ordained by God
And Inna my life, papa
You dey show me love
Sacrificial selfless
Papa you are the best
And me no fit wanna try to dey compare you to the rest
Father, father Abrahamic spec.

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