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[DOWNLOAD Mp3] Olamide J-Soy – Oba (King)



Sensational Nigerian gospel singer/songwriter, the “Yahweh Icons” founder Olamide J-Soy puts out an amazing Spirit filled sound tagged “OBA” (King). Produced By Doubzbeat

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“OBA” (King) Lyrics By Min Olamide J-Soy

I Come in the name of the Lord
“I AM THAT I AM” Sent me
This is the News :

You are God And I Know
That You Are God By Yourself
You are Mighty On Your Throne
OBA OH OBA OH (Repeat)

You have Make the Blind Eye See
You Have Make the Lame Man Walk
You’ll Make all things that are Dead
To Work Again and Again

You have Given The Jobless Jobs
You Have Given the Barren Child
You’ll Make All things that Are Dead
To Work Again and Again

Lord You Have Healed
The Sick and the Broken
You Have Changed So Many Lives
Come and do Those things
That you Love doing Again and Again

You Are Oba oh oh Oba
You’re Mighty on your Throne
Oba Oh Oba Oh (Repeat)

Is it not You That Exist Before
Beginning Existed
You’re Seated in Heaven
You make the Earth Your Footstool
You’re Clothed with Glory
You Eyes are Full of Fire
Is Not You that Sees Everything at Ones
You that Sees the Ending
Clearly From Beginning
You’re Not On Internet
But You are the Most Trending
You don’t Use a Phone But
When We Call You’ll Answer
Apata tio Se Sorimon
Ogbigba tin gbani Lai lara
Eru Oko Faraoh Owo Kengbe Rebija
Oromon Nishe Faya ti
Agabagbala tin gbani lagba tan
Erujeje tin Beru Leru
Arugbo Ojo Oooooo

You’re Mighty On Your Throne
Oba Oh Oba Oh

Oba Toba Lori Oba nla nla nla nla nla
You’re Mighty On Your Throne
Oba to le Shi Lekun tenikan Oleshi
Oba tole ti lekun tenikan Ole ti
Oba ton gbo Adura
Is Not You
That make a Slave Become a King
Is it not You
That Change Begger to a Giver
What Can’t You do
When you want to do it

Is it not you that Created
Light from the Darkness
Is there Anything Dark
That you Can Not Turn to Light
Oye dikagi
Chineke Odogun Okataka
You’re Mighty On Your Throne
Oba oh Oba oh

Doctor Must Have Spoken
But Yours is the Final
Men Have Said their Own
But Yours is the Loudest
You’ll do What men least Expected oh
Oba oh Oba oh

Oh Oh Oh..
Oh oh oh oh Oh
You’re Mighty On Your Throne
Oba oh Oba oh

Oba Oh 2x
You’re Mighty On Your Throne
Oba oh Oba oh

Oba oh 2x
You’re Mighty On Your Throne
Oba oh Oba oh

Common Chant it
Ah ah aaaaah ah ah
Ee ee eeeee eeh eeh
You’re Mighty On Your Throne
Oba oh (Repeat)

You’ll do Exceedenly Abundantly far Above What We Man can Imagine

When you say it’s Time No One Can Question You
No one can Ask You Why
Oh Lord that is who you are oh

Oh Lord You’ve Come to do it Again
Like you always do it

Life Changer
Life Builder
Man Lifter
Husband to the Widow
You’re Boss of Bosses

You’re Mighty on Your Throne
Oba oh Oba oh. (Repeatedly)

You’re Mighty and Glorious
Jesus In Your Ways

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